Our Mentor

Under the able guidance of our Promoter and Mentor Mr. V Somasundaram, we have gained expertise in offering a wide range of Acids, Solvents, Fine Chemicals, Salts and Chemicals for Batteries. After the appointment of Mr. V Somasundaram as Chairman and M Director and Mrs. V Somasundaram as Managing Director of our organization, the company started its operation from 15th April 2005. Their prime concern is offer quality chemicals.

In 1990's numerous chemicals such as Pint Remover, Iso Propyl Alcohol for PCB cleaning & chemicals for Nickel Cadmium batteries were developed and marketed by M/s Suprachem Industries. Later in 1994, Mr. V Somasundaram initiated a new company named as M/s Suveni Chemicals to supply battery grade sulfuric acid to lead acid battery manufacturers. However, numerous other chemicals such as Sodium Sulfate and Barium Sulfate were developed and marketed by M/s Suprachem Industries. Under the able guidance of the founder, the total annual sales of M/s Suveni chemical and M/s Suprachem Industries Rs.5 Crore during the year 2004-05. With this towering success, they decided to merge both the companies to establish Private Limited Company under the name M/s Supraveni Chemicals Private Limited and turnover now is 22 crores .